The India Affiliate was registered and launched in February 2004 and has now over 300 Members and is supported by hundreds of  supporters from India.

The Affiliate is registered as a charitable educational trust in India and is governed by a Board of Directors who are senior professionals from major pharmaceutical companies and service providers in India.

Our Mission is to deliver superior value and latest knowledge to our members. We serve Pharmaceutical professionals by creating a platform to share knowledge, impart training through educational sessions and by creating opportunities for networking In addition, we strive to address current issues within Indian Pharmaceutical / Bio Pharmaceutical and Medical devices Industry.

We collaborate with ISPE internationally to extend membership benefits to local Members and to promote networking between professionals within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. We aim to deliver programmes throughout the year that is beneficial to  Pharmaceutical Professionals and addresses the current concerns and issues within the industry.

This website is specifically for local information about local events and training  in India.

Our membership includes engineers, microbiologists, chemists, QA/QC, production, process development, pharmacists, regulatory and training personnel, academia, suppliers, and other professionals from the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

ISPE India Events


ISPE India’s main event of the year is the Annual Conference & Exhibition which usually takes place in April of each year. Each year the conference focuses on key themes and has presentations by high calibre international and regional speakers and subject matter experts. This event due to its Quality of speakers and relevant themes each year has become the must-attend event in India.


Ranging from ½ day intensive seminars to 1-2 day formal courses, ISPE certified Training provides the practical, "real world" information to enable companies to build on current best practices to meet and exceed regulatory standards. Delivered by highly skilled trainers with many years of industry experience.

Recent Developments

The current pandemic has been challenging for all of us. In these difficult times we understand your professional needs and are here with our Complimentary Pharma Best Practices Webinar Series. Each session features a leading subject matter expert. The topics cover critical and relevant issues in pharmaceutical manufacturing, Quality and Technology.

These webinars are available to Pharmaceutical professionals all over the world. We have hosted 60 Sessions since March 2020. With these 60 sessions we reached around 17,000 professionals. We will strive to host one complimentary webinar every week in the year 2021.

 Information about these webinars is available on our Pharma Best practices Webinars website You can register for webinars and go through recording of past webinars. The website also has a link to join Pharma Best Practices Forum. These are chat groups to discuss technical subjects. If you have not joined our Forums you may do so on our website.