About the Malaysia Affiliate

In the past, we Malaysians have been forced to travel to Singapore and other parts of the world in order to take part in ISPE organized events. This has proven cost prohibitive for many companies and has, in effect, acted as a limiting factor in the development of Malaysia’s human capital in life sciences industry. The establishment of the ISPE Malaysia Affiliate will bring a significant increase in opportunities for the development of locally based industry professionals. It will provide a conduit to ISPE members throughout the world and a local center that is able to address the challenges facing the local needs of our growing industry. The ISPE Malaysia Affiliate is here for small, medium and multinational companies operating in the pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical devices & related industries.

In line with this objective, a team of 15 individuals from Malaysia; representing the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry, regulators, government agencies and academics formed a Steering Committee to formulate and implement the necessary steps to form a Malaysia Affiliate of the ISPE International.This eclectic and balanced combination of related professions represents the full body of knowledge relevant to the industry and necessary for its innovative development.

View the full address by ISPE Malaysia Affiliate President, Mr Ibrahim Zainudin.