Call for Proposals

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This conference brings together diverse experts to share new developments, technologies, best practices, and benchmark solutions for new and existing facilities. ISPE will be the leader to set the pace for knowledge sharing that speaks to the current and future needs of the industry. 

Submissions are closed.

Call for Proposals Timeline

10 May 2024 Submission Opens
28 June 2024Submission Deadline
2 August 2024 Notifications Sent

Presentation Type

Abstract Submissions May Be Proposed for Any of the Following

Topical presentation

30-45 minute presentation, including Q&A. Presentation should focus on new and innovative technology, designs, processes, design and project delivery approaches, tools, regulatory changes and impact. Presentation may also focus on a specific real-world strategy, case study/use case, or a “how-to" presentation intended to help attendees gain a better understanding of implementing an initiative into day-to-day manufacturing objectives.

Content Areas

The 2025 Facilities of the Future Conference Programme Committee is requesting proposals aligning with the following content areas; however, all proposals are welcome:

Building the Future of Pharma

This theme delves into the multifaceted challenges, revolutionary technologies, and regulatory dynamics influencing the ability of today’s pharmaceutical companies to maintain competitiveness and cost efficiency. Sessions will explore transformations of existing facilities, latest design approaches, and advancements in project management and delivery methodologies.

Emerging Trends in Manufacturing

This category delves into the emerging trends in biomanufacturing, chemical synthesis, laboratory and warehouse design, and innovative manufacturing technologies and modalities such as plant-based biologics and herbal/botanical products.

Pharma 4.0 Technologies and Digital Transformation

This focus area will explore the forefront of emerging digital technologies and their integration into the manufacturing world, examining their value proposition and impact on the future workforce. Presentations can include topics like Smart Manufacturing and Automation, Digital Twins, IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain. Advanced Analytics and AI and finally Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Sustainability and Green Manufacturing

Sessions will cover sustainability initiatives, including waste reduction, energy efficiency, and adoption of alternative energy sources. Presentations in this focus area should feature key performance indicators and real-world outcomes.

Workforce Development and Collaboration

This theme explores strategies for talent cultivation, skill enhancement, and knowledge transfer to address evolving industry needs. Additionally, the theme will highlight successful partnerships within industry as well as collaborations between academia, nonprofit organizations, and industry. Particularly showcasing efforts to drive innovation, research advancements, educational initiatives and workforce upskilling will be explored.

Proposal Guidelines

  • By submitting a proposal, you acknowledge that, if your proposal is accepted, the speaker will attend/present in-person at the event and the speaker’s attendance at the event will be supported by their organisation.
  • Accepted Facilities of the Future Conference speakers are responsible for their own travel and accommodation.
  • Speakers giving at least a 20-minute presentation (not including Q&A) receive complimentary conference registration.
  • NOTE: Exhibitors who are accepted to present are required to register as a paid conference attendee (with discounted registration rate). Complimentary booth staffing registrations cannot be utilised for the presentations as these are part of the education sessions and not the exhibition.
  • Consulting firms or vendor/suppliers are expected to include a speaker from an owner company to present.
  • Regulators interested in submitting a proposal: Please contact Amanda Banninga to submit your abstract.