Business Continuity & Navigating to the New Normal and Beyond

Join us on Thursday, June 25th at 12 pm ET for a live webinar on Business Continuity during the New Normal. COVID-19 has changed our lives and how business is conducted not only during the initial pandemic phase but also as we transition into the recovery/re-entry phase, and beyond. What will the new normal look like? What new practices will potentially be adopted and become mainstays?  

This cross-functional panel is comprised of members from engineering, operations, supply chain, finance and consulting background, working in startup environments to complex international organizations.  The panel will look at the impact of COVID on business processes from their respective lens and discuss methods on how organizational teams can work together to address the current situation, the re-entry, and beyond. They will explore the impact on productivity, warehousing, manufacturing verification, operating costs to organizations now required to do the same process with more PPE. Also, they will discuss the utilization of technology, social distancing, contact tracing, and agent-based modeling. The group will also touch on the second wave. How, can we prepare? 

Lastly, the group will explore deglobalization of resources and supply chain. How far and fast will the pendulum swing?  Please join us for this diverse panel of industry professional for an impactful discussion on navigating business continuity in the new normal.

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