Student Success Story: Amy Lineberry

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"I became a member of ISPE when I was a sophomore. I became involved because our professor was giving out extra credit and there was free pizza afterwards. After I got involved I realized what a great organization this was. I saw the benefits that students received and decided to also become an officer. Since becoming involved I have learned a lot about the industry and I have had the chance to attend conferences. By attending conferences I have met lots of professionals. My senior year I became the Vice President and this gave me a chance to be more involved. Through the guidance of Mark Yates I completed a research project and poster. I won at the local level (for CASA) and got a free trip to the annual meeting, which was being held in Arizona. This was a wonderful experience. The research project helped me to secure an internship position at Wyeth. After the three-month internship I was looking for a full-time position, since the internship was the last of my graduation requirements. During my internship I not only got to work with the Wyeth personnel but also various contractors who were on site. This was a unique experience in that on the last day of my internship I flew to Indianapolis, IN for training. I completed my internship on one day and started my career the next. If it were not for ISPE and my involvement I would never have gotten my internship and current job.

"My advice to other students is get involved. I do not mean just go to the meetings, but talk to the speakers afterwards and get their cards, become an officer, and show your enthusiasm. Your enthusiasm will show that you are willing to work and become a key member of the industry. Do the research project and the poster. The research does not have to be extremely complicated, and this could get you a free trip to the annual meeting. This is a great organization that offers multitudes for a student, including great networking opportunities."
Amy Lineberry attended Campbell University and graduated May of 2005. She majored in Pharmaceutical Sciences.


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