Student Success Story: Ryan Hill

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"As an undergraduate in chemical engineering at NC State, I developed an interest in the pharmaceutical industry. I realized the industry was growing and there would be many opportunities to achieve my future career goals. I joined ISPE mainly because it is a great way to learn more about the pharmaceutical industry by networking with industry professionals. Afterwards, I realized that ISPE offers so much more.

"I first got involved with ISPE by competing in the Student Poster Competition in 2002. Since I was working on a research project through the Chemical Engineering Department at NC State, I decided to make a poster and enter the contest. I ended up winning not only the local CASA competition but also the international competition at the 2002 Annual Meeting as well!

"I received a free trip to the 2002 Annual Meeting in Orlando along with a cash award and the opportunity to publish a research article in ISPE's esteemed journal, Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine (March/April 2004). This was a wonderful and life-changing experience for me and has been a tremendous contribution to my career development.

"After my winning the poster competition, I became very involved with ISPE and the local CASA Chapter. I held officer positions for the NC State Student Chapter and attended other ISPE events such as the Washington Conference for student leadership development in Arlington, VA. The poster competition gave my resume a boost, which lead to other research opportunities such as my 2003 Summer Research Fellowship at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). I also attended the 2003 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, which was a fantastic experience. Not only do you learn a lot from the wealth of knowledge at annual meetings, you also have fun!"

After graduation Ryan Hill became a Process Control Systems Engineer at Talecris Biotherapeutics Inc.


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