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It was recognised that these developments required more interaction between companies active in the field of pharmaceutical manufacture, both on a local and global level, to exchange information and share experiences. The ISPE organisation provided an excellent platform to satisfy this need. Ultimately in 1990, the ISPE Netherlands Affiliate was officially established. That the Netherlands Affiliate indeed filled a gap was evidenced by the rapid growth of the affiliate.

Currently ISPE-NL has well over three hundred fifty members and over forty events have been organized, the major part of which are afternoon programs consisting of theme presentations combined with a plant tour.

Maarten Muis, who was among the founding fathers of the Netherlands Affiliate in 1990 presently still serves as the secretary of the Netherlands Affiliate Board. For his untiring guidance, dedication and concern to this society he was selected Member of the Year at ISPE's Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1992.

In 2005, the ISPE-NL celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. At this occasion a very successful seminar on PAT (Process Analytical Technology) was organised.