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May/June 2014

Complexity and Risk in the Global Supply Chain
Publishes: 26 May 2014

Two feature articles in the May/June issue focus on supply chain management. The first one attempts to answer the question how does strategic planning help to mitigate risks in the pharmaceutical supply chain? The second article provides patient centric innovations in the clinical supply chain presented by the Investigational Products Community of Practice. Other articles discuss the background, design philosophies, process and operating bases that can be used to design process transfer stations and other process service rooms; science and risk based approaches to categorize levels of changes in SUS raw material and manufacturing processes; and how risks to safety, quality and productivity can be managed through asset control strategies, which are created based upon specific asset criticality and failure modes.

Call for Articles

Pharmaceutical Engineering is looking for subject matter experts in the global pharmaceutical industry with knowledge of the latest scientific and technical developments, regulatory initiatives, and innovative solutions to real life problems and challenges who can contribute application articles and case studies.

Special features and guest editorials will be considered that focus on new technology, contemporary quality management practices, and production innovation.

New Departments include: facilities and equipment, information systems, product development, production systems, quality systems, research and development, supply chain management, and regulatory compliance.

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2014 Editorial Calendar 

January/February 2014
Cover Story/Lead Article: Evolving Technologies, Regulations, and Processes in Biotechnology
Manuscripts Due: 23 August 2013 Publishes: 20 January 2014


March/April 2014
Cover Story/Lead Article: Trends in Pharmaceutical Quality Management
31 October 2013 Publishes: 24 March 2014


May/June 2014
Cover Story/ Lead Article: Complexity and Risk in the Global Supply Chain
Manuscripts Due: 8 January 2014 Publishes: 26 May 2014


July/August 2014
Cover Story/Lead Article: Next Generation Manufacturing
Manuscripts Due: 6 March 2014 Publishes: 21 July 2014


September/October 2014
Cover Story/Lead Article: Quality Metrics in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Manuscripts Due: 8 May 2014 Publishes: 22 Sep 2014


November/December 2014
Cover Story/Lead Article: Risk Management Strategies when Outsourcing
Manuscripts Due: 9 July 2014 Publishes: 24 Nov 2014