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January 2009

28 Jan 2009 GAO Questions FDA Ability to Protect Public
23 Jan 2009 US FDA Allows First Test of Human Stem Cell Therapy
23 Jan 2009 MHRA Press release: New Chair announced for Committee on the Safety of Devices
21 Jan 2009 Viewpoint from the Acting Commissioner: Introductory Message
19 Jan 2009 Swissmedic Launches a New Version of its Website
15 Jan 2009 HHS Opens U.S. Food and Drug Administration Offices in India
14 Jan 2009 Government of Canada Works to Improve Knowledge About the Safety and Effectiveness of Drugs
14 Jan 2009 US FDA Launches Pilot Program To Improve the Safety of Drugs and Active Drug Ingredients Produced Outside the United States
12 Jan 2009 US Federal Agencies Issue Draft Guidance for Industry Good Importer Practices
12 Jan 2009 US FDA Announces Two Appointments
12 Jan 2009 SFDA issues Requirements on Special Approval of New Drug Registration
12 Jan 2009 TGA Publishes Update on the TGA - EMEA - FDA pilot project to rationalise international GMP inspection activities
12 Jan 2009 FDA Lets Drugmakers Advise Doctors on Unapproved Uses
12 Jan 2009 Most health agency heads replaced before Obama
12 Jan 2009 The FDA This Week: Andy's Take
09 Jan 2009 EMEA Publishes Update on a pilot project to collaborate on international GMP inspection activities
09 Jan 2009 MHRA Publishes Concept paper on the project to consolidate and review medicines legislation
01 Jan 2009 Annex to ICH Q8 Pharmaceutical Development Finalized


December 1969

31 Dec 1969 Frequently asked questions about advertising of medicinal products are now available on the Estonian State Agency of Medicine in English
31 Dec 1969 US FDA Responds to Congressional Criticism on Drug Shortages



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