Nominations for 2014-2016 International Board of Directors

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14 March 2014

To: ISPE Members and Staff

From: Damian Greene, 2013-2014 Chair, ISPE International Board of Directors

Re: Nominations for 2014-2016 International Board of Directors

I am asking for your help to identify colleagues within ISPE who would be well-suited to serve on the ISPE International Board of Directors.

The International Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and strategic direction of our Society. Members of the Board are people who know our Society, understand our industry and have strong strategic leadership capabilities. Potential candidates should have most, if not all, of the following characteristics:

  • They must be strategic thinkers. The Board is responsible for the Society’s long-term planning.
  • They must be willing to be Ambassadors and communicate on behalf of the Society.
  • They should be leaders. While we would hope that they are leaders within the Society, evidence of leadership in business or another professional organization is desirable.
  • They need financial acumen. The Board oversees a budget in excess of US $10 million.
  • They need “business sense.” While ISPE is not-for-profit, that does not mean we don’t need to make money.
  • They must understand the needs of the global pharma/biopharma industry, including manufacturers and service providers.
  • They must be able to commit to spend time working on ISPE issues, and they must be able to travel to four Board meetings per year.
  • They must be ISPE Members; any nominee who is not currently an ISPE Member will be required to join the Society before being placed on the ballot.
  • They must be fluent in English. Board meetings are conducted in English, and Members need to be able to understand and communicate in that language.

If you know of someone who fits the above description, I encourage you to reach out to them, confirm their willingness to be considered, and send a completed Nomination Form ( 45 KB) along with the nominee’s curriculum vitae or resume to Nancy Berg by 10 April. Self-nominations are also welcome.

Thank you for your help with this critical task for ISPE.

Best regards,

Damian Greene
2013-2014 Chair, ISPE International Board of Directors


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