ISPE New Jersey Chapter Past Events and Presentations

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Event & Presentations

23 February

PCMM Manufacturing 2016 ISPE Facility of the Year: Equipment Innovation Winner
Download Presentation ( 53 MB)

30 September

New Jersey & Delaware Valley Chapter Facility of the Future Seminar

ISPE DVC/NJC Seminar Facility of the Future
Integrated Project Services (IPS)
Download Presentation ( 782 KB)

ISPE Factory of the Future
Johnson & Johnson (JJSC)
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Download Presentation ( 2 MB)

Mobile Apps and New Technologies in Pharma Research
PRA Health Sciences
Download Presentation ( 948 KB)

PCMM: Portable Continuous Miniature & Modula Technology
Pfizer Global Engineering
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23 June 

Vaccines and Biotech Double Header

NSI Capacity Expansion Project
Download Presentation ( 13 MB)

Vaccines and Biologics Development
Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute
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19 March 2015

Professional Development Day

Project Management Tools Utilized in Tech Transfers
ProPharma Group
Download Presentation ( 4 MB)

Transfer Validation Requirements
ProPharma Group
Download Presentation ( 4 MB)

Transfer Validation Requirements By Site Transfer
ProPharma Group
Download Presentation ( 4 MB)

18 November 2014

Maintenance and Reliability Excellence

Improved Design for Reliability: Designing Maintenance Out of the System
Download Presentation ( 1 MB)

Global Reliability Program (GRB)
Download Presentation ( 2 MB)

ISO 55000
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Download Presentation ( 993 KB)

20 March 2014

2014 Professional Development Day

Global Serialization Regulatory Developments
Rick Mitzner, Pfizer Inc.
Download Presentation ( 1 MB)

Preparing Your IT Infrastructure, Internal Operations and Supply Network for Track and Trace Regulations
Brian Daleiden, TraceLink
Download Presentation ( 2 MB)

Mark Wessel, Pfizer Global Supply
Download Presentation ( 1 MB)

Serialization and Track and Trace
Gaurav Banerjee, Sharp Packaging Solutions
Download Presentation ( 2 MB)

Purdue Pharma Serialization Overview
Sajan Idicula, Purdue Pharma and
John Corona, Purdue Pharma
Download Presentation ( 1 MB)

12 September 2013

2013 Supplier Showcase Presentations

ENERGY STAR Applications for Pharmaceutical & Health Science Companies
Walt Tunnessen, US EPA ENERGY STAR Program
Download Presentation ( 4 MB)

Environmental Sustainability at Novartis
Farley Hunter
Download Presentation ( 4 MB)

FDA Compliance Update: A Regulator’s Focus on the Future
Erin McCaffery, Compliance Officer New Jersey District, FDA
Download Presentation ( 624 KB)

Focusing on the Future of Biologics Manufacturing
Jeff Odum, CPIP, Biotechnology Lead, Director of Operations, Integrated Project Services
Download Presentation ( 2 MB)

Gaining Efficiencies in Pharmaceutical Operations, Pfizer's Green Journey
Download Presentation ( 5 MB)

Johnson & Johnson Energy Program
Dan Cassidy, Manager, Energy & Sustainability Johnson & Johnson Workplace Solutions
Download Presentation ( 6 MB)

Key Sustainability Topics in the Pharmaceutical Industry
P. Dahlin, Janssen Global Citizenship & Sustainability Council, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Download Presentation ( 2 MB)

Moving Towards a Healthy Future
earthwards®, Johnson & Johnson
Download Presentation ( 785 KB)

The Future of Life Sciences in New Jersey
Dean J. Paranicas, President and Chief Executive Officer, HealthCare Institute of New Jersey
Download Presentation ( 3 MB)

21 April 2011

ISPE Presentation

Impact on Drug Delivery on Modern Medicine
Dr. Waseem Malick, Vice President of Pharmaceutical and Analytical Research and Development, Hoffman-La Roche
Download Presentation ( 7 MB)

16 February 2011

Filling Line Validation Workshop

Tour of an Aseptic Filling Line
Dragutin Stoicovici, Director of Quality, Cozzoli Machine Company
Download Presentation ( 659 KB)

Validation Workshop
Paul Melamud, QPharma
Download Presentation ( 4 MB)

14 October 2010

Dual Track Event

Data Center Design
Ronald Szkodny, P.E.
Download Presentation ( 278 KB)

21 January 2010

ISPE Meeting

John Tomoney
Download Presentation ( 3 MB)

28 October 2009

ISPE Meeting

Solar Renewable Energy - Now
Thomas Leyden, Managing Director
Download Presentation ( 8 MB)

17 June 2009

ISPE New Jersey - Chapter Day

New Requirements & Resources for BioProcess Equipment Design
David M. Marks, P.E., ASME BPE Design Subcommittee Chair, President and Senior Consultant
Download Presentation ( 702 KB)

Process Analytical Technology Examples & Business Case Development
Jonathan Roy
Download Presentation ( 1 MB)

Green Design as Applied to cGMP Buildings
W. Bruce Eckman, PhD, WBE Consulting
Download Presentation ( 144 KB)

Draft Revision of FDA Guidance on Process Validation
Chris Ames, Director Global Validation, Catalent Pharma Solutions
Download Presentation ( 111 KB)

Dynamic Control of Laboratory Air Change Rates Based on Sensing the Lab’s Indoor Environment
Gordon Sharp
Download Presentation ( 11 KB)

Performance Verification of AEC Downflow Booth via Surrogate Air Monitoring with Lactose Monohydrate
John Kremer of AEC, Hari Floura of Floura LLC
Download Presentation ( 1 MB)

OSHA Red Flags for Safety
Tom Moon, MS Safety Manager, Torcon, Inc.
Download Presentation ( 6 MB)

Sustainable Design for Laboratories
Barry Barnet PE, LEED AP
Download Presentation ( 825 KB)

History of GMPs
Paul A. Melamud, Validation Manager, QPharma, Inc.
Download Presentation ( 632 KB)

10 May 2009

FDA’s Role in Plant Design Reviews

Erin D. McCaffery, Investigator, New Jersey District Office

Download Presentation ( 1 MB)

10 February  2009

GAMP® 5 – The Risk Based Approach Presentation and Panel Discussion

Download Presentation ( 487 KB)

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