Women in Pharma – Emerging Technologies: The History of AI Assistants & the Future of Pharma Engineering

Learning Level: Intermediate
Session Length: 1.5 hour

Technology is transforming our industry right now. ISPE and its members are developing the roadmap to introduce Industry 4.0, also called the Smart Factory, at the pharmaceutical industry as Pharma 4.0™. Join us for an AI presentation and fireside chat on how AI can affect the way we currently do business. We will take you through the past, present, and future of knowledge management and how it can change the way we do business today.

Learning Objectives

What are the top three learning objectives the participants will have at the end of the webinar? Please ensure your objectives correctly reflect the content that will be presented during the session.

  1. Changing mindsets to understand the value of using natural language paired with AI to do our jobs.
  2. Pharma 4.0™ - Introducing a new concept to rethink the way we access and utilize resources such as ISPE Baseline guides, ICH documents, and other regulatory best practices.
  3. How it is possible to optimize document management and reduce downtime.


Igor Jablokov
CEO and Founder
Tish Taylor, AAS
Process Engineer
Independent Consultant
Ran Zheng
Landmark Bio
Eddie Ryan
Kneat Solutions
Jackie Karceski
Chief Technology Officer

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