Why Pharma Needs Asset Management

Learn How Implementing Global Best Practices in Asset Management Improves Pharma Operations

Topics Covered

  • Pharma Trends and Outlook Discussion
  • History of Asset Management Global Standards Development - PAS 55 to ISO 55000
  • Asset Management Key Terms and Concepts
  • Managing Assets in the Context of Asset Management - Do you mean Asset Management or Managing Assets?
  • Why an ISPE GPG on Asset Management?
  • How does the ISPE GPG on Asset Management Add Value?
  • Global Asset Management Standards
  • AstraZeneca's Asset Management Journey - Case Study

Learning Objectives

  • Pharmaceutical Trends and Outlook - discuss challenges faced by the Pharma Industry
  • Asset Management - history, key terms and concepts - "Managing Assets in the Context of Asset Management"
  • Learn How Implementing an Effective Asset Management System is Improving Operations at AstraZeneca (Case Study)
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Meet the Speakers:

Robert Smith, CAMA, CMRP
Radiopharmaceutical Production Manager
International Isotopes Inc
Scott D. Morris, Principal Engineer
Global Engineering, Biologics Platform, Asset Management Group
Phillip Richardson
R&D Ops Asset & Commissioning Manager
Stephen Bryan
Associate Director Facilities - Engineering