Getting the Most Out of TOC: How to Improve Data Quality and Increase Productivity

Learning Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Time: 1100 - 1200 ET
Session Length: 1 hour

Total organic carbon (TOC) and conductivity are important quality attributes in cGMP manufacturing for water monitoring and cleaning validation. TOC and conductivity are not new, but there are new ways of increasing efficiencies, quality, and leveraging data for increased process understanding and process control. In this webinar, we’ll get back to the basics of how and why TOC and conductivity are measured, then we’ll go a step further to discuss how to get the most out of the data you obtain. We’ll discuss TOC technology, analysis, regulations, data integrity, and continuous improvement opportunities for both water monitoring and cleaning validation. And we’ll provide suggestions on how TOC can help you maximize productivity, avoid common pitfalls, and leverage the basics to build a monitoring program that is effective and compliant.

Learning Objectives

  1. Why TOC and conductivity are required tests and why are they important for cGMP processes.
  2. How TOC is measured using various types of technologies and how to get the most out of instruments for different applications.
  3. How to achieve data integrity and then use the data for process understanding, process control, and optimization.



Michelle Neumeyer
Life Sciences Product Applications Specialist
SUEZ WTS Analytical Instruments, Inc.

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