Drug Shortages: Regulatory & Industry Perspectives Webinar

Extended Learning
Learning Level: Intermediate
Session Length: 1.5 hour

The pressure points of the COVID-19 pandemic have been an unprecedented challenge for the pharmaceutical industry and generated a global spotlight on supply resiliency for drug shortage prevention. This webinar has been developed in response to the increasing interest in how best to ensure continuous pharmaceutical supply. Industry and regulatory experts will reflect on the current state of drug shortage prevention and share thoughts on how we may do better.

Learning Objectives

  1. Provide the audience with a better understanding of the key opportunities to advance drug shortage prevention; particularly in the areas of business continuity planning and health authority engagement.
  2. Hear and explore current thinking on drug shortage prevention from global health authority regulators
  3. Share information on key resources available for improving drug shortage prevention and inspire companies to pursue improvements.


Diane L. Hustead
Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs
Merck & Co., Inc.
Vivien Santillan
Regional Director
Novatek International

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