Digital Capabilities to Eliminate Paper-Based Tracking

Learning Level: Basic
Time: 0900 – 1000 ET
Session Length: 1 hour

The life sciences industry must exploit every opportunity it can to adapt to changing market needs and consumer dynamics.

Paper trails are essential, and information records are mandated, but paper as a media hinders processes, adds complexity, slows validation, and creates myriad opportunities for error.

Companies realize this, but the conversion to fully digital data is seen as onerous and fraught with difficulty.

Digitalized operations set data free, allowing it to be used quickly and efficiently by all elements of the value/supply chain. Quicker & more accurate decisions result in far greater efficiencies.

Learning Objectives

  1. Highlight the weakness/flaws of paper-based record keeping
  2. Explore the opportunities presented by a digital approach
  3. How digital maturity can positively affect operations
  4. The conversion to digital is not as hard as people think and the benefits far outweigh the investment in time and effort.
  5. Data sharing across the supply chain can revolutionize operations



Sesethu Dowiasch
Industry Account Manager, Life Science & Chemical
Rockwell Automation
Delphine Croidieu
Information Solution Sales Executive
Rockwell Automation

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