Application of Trending Technology to Biopharma Manufacturing

Learning Level: Intermediate
Time: 1100 - 1230 ET
Session Length: 1.5 hour

The laboratory environment embraces our information age on many levels. We often think of data capture in the laboratory via a Laboratory Information Management System or LIMS. However, the technologies available to us enhance this capability. Automation of processes and the real time direct capture of results adds to the robustness of the data while also reducing human error. One can see that efficiencies and reliability of process are the results of these efforts.

We can leverage this amount of computing power to the regulated manufacturing processes that are the backbone of the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industry. We will explore how information has traditionally been captured and what some of the pitfalls of human direct participation have been. There are existing data management systems which focus on the manufacturing process. We will show how those systems can be supplemented with other information-based applications.

While thinking of building related information systems like Building Automation Systems (BAS), our thoughts go to environmental modeling and control, energy efficiency, and building performance. This presentation will explore further aspects of how information capture can improve the manufacturing elements in a highly regulated environment. Information is key. Some aspects to explore:

  • Building Performance
  • Occupancy Experiences
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Scales of Complexities

Join us as we review the tremendous potential of data application and capture to raise the bar of manufacturing accountability; and to make our industry more predictable and sustainable.

Learning Objectives

  1. Leveraging data analytics and machine learning for optimized building performance
  2. How to integrate building technologies across a common platform and move away from fragment, siloed systems
  3. How technology helps increase efficiency and profitability of biopharma facilities



Jeffrey Talka
Science and Technology Practice Leader
The S/L/A/M Collaborative
Todd Boucher
Founder and Principal
Leading Edge Design Group

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