The PRA-Takeda Strategic Partnership: Is it the Wave of the Future?

Agility and supply chain responsiveness has never been more important. This online case study will examine the innovative partnership formed between Takeda and PRA late last year. This partnership is characterized by a flexible operating model that combines operational expertise, transferred from Takeda to PRA, with PRA's wide range of global capabilities. Speakers representing the clinical supply organizations of both companies will each provide their unique perspective on the benefits of the partnership to their organization. Participants will get a glimpse into what may be the future of externalization. They will be challenged to evaluate the status quo for supply chain delivery. Is this the wave of the future?


  • Julie Jacobs, PRA Health Sciences, USA
  • Beth Gardner, Senior Director, Clinical Supply Strategy, Takeda Pharma America Inc, USA
  • Jodi Luce, Executive Director, Merck & Co Inc, USA

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