The First 100 Days of a Capital Expansion Project

This online session will review the tasks and outline of events that occur in the first 100 days of a Capital Improvement Project. Everyone realizes that the first 100 days of a new project are critical to aligning processes, making decisions on methodology and coordinating the use of best practices so that the project is driven to successful completion. The session will focus on the swim lanes outlined in CAI's PlayBook - CFSO (Chemistry of Full Scale Operation) Methodology. It allows an owner or operator to clearly identify all of the resources and process touch points needed to meet the goals of the project and the project team. When someone attends this session, they will leave with a tool that will last them a lifetime toward concise management of capital projects. If you want to be successful managing capital improvement, you need to attend this session!


  • William Deckert, Senior Consultant, Commissioning Agents, Inc., USA
  • Robert Chew, PE, President/CEO, Commissioning Agents, Inc., USA
  • Roger Filannino, Project Manager, CAI, USA

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