Benchmarking to Manage Risk

The acceleration of change, bio pharmaceutical process development and technology transfer into commercial production facilities continues to be a challenge to those involved in facility build projects in BioPharma.

  • How can a project be effectively delivered, meeting technological & commercial challenges AND ensuring that compliance to regulatory requirements is built in from the start?
  • A key part of such projects must be a consideration of life cycle costs and supply chain challenges.
  • Benchmarking plays a part in understanding “what good looks like”.


  • The basics of benchmarking to explain how benchmarks support business decisions and project excellence.
  • Traditional benchmarking examines costs and schedules for similar facilities.
  • Benchmarking also supports risk identification and mitigation.


  • Pharma/Biopharma/Biotech
  • Government Agencies
  • Academics/Research Institutes/Consultants

Jordan Sealock, as Manager of the Chemicals, Life Sciences, and Nutrition Business Area, Jordan is responsible for developing business plans, growing and maintaining client relationships, and advancing research in the area. Prior to her role, Jordan was the Deputy Director of Research where she worked to connect client research needs with IPA research capabilities. Jordan worked with both colleagues and clients to translate research ideas into executable research studies.

Jordan also worked as a Senior Project Analyst in both the North America and EMEA offices. She has led evaluations for a wide range of projects, including complex megaprojects and small projects for companies in various industries. She has participated in a number of site and system bench markings and she has been the lead analyst on multiple high profile pharmaceutical capital projects. Further, Jordan has published research on both best practices for reduced qualification schedules and construction safety in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Jordan was IPA’s client coordinator for three major global pharmaceutical companies and was involved with the update of pharmaceutical models and workbook documentation.

David Gottschlich, is IPA’s Chief Scientist, head of the Review Board, and one of IPA’s Master Analysts. In this role, David manages the Review Board—the group of senior analysts who review IPA’s client deliverables—and reviews most of the more difficult analyses and most new models.

David joined IPA in early 1990 and since then has been involved with every type of project that IPA analyzes. His particular specialties are new technology projects, of which he has analyzed and/or reviewed hundreds ranging in size from about 5 million through several billion dollars, and life sciences projects, for which he has worked with more than a dozen companies. Many of the analyses were of entire programs from pilot strategies through commercial implementation. He also co-authored the IPA Institute’s new technology course. David earned his Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey, USA), where his dissertation was on processes leading to atherosclerosis, and his B.A. degree in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA).


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