2019 Aseptic Conference Recorded Sessions

ISPE has teamed up with presenters from the 2019 ISPE Aseptic Conference to record 6 sessions totaling a 8 hours of dynamic content address a wide range of topics pertinent to aseptic processing in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

This package is the ideal opportunity to gain valuable information from new technology, product development, case studies with in-depth knowledge, and best practices all without leaving your desk. These presentations will be sold as a package.

Sessions include:

The State of Aseptic Processing: Current Findings and Learnings – Opening Keynote

In this opening Keynote Session, Rick Friedman from FDA’s Office of Manufacturing Quality shares his perspective of the state of aseptic processing, providing insights on the very latest findings and learnings.

The Use of Robots in Aseptic Processing: Lessons Learned The Perspective from Engineering Companies

This industry panel discussion session centers around lessons learned and the future outlook of robotics in aseptic manufacturing.

Annex 1 Hot Topics: ISPE/Industry Thoughts

In this breakfast session, the hot topics from the draft Annex 1 and their implications for industry will be discussed. Examples include: contamination control strategy, post-sterilisation-pre-use-integrity testing of sterilizing filters and H2O2 decontamination processes.

Preventing Cross Contamination in Shared Equipment/Facilities I 

  • GMP and Cleaning Requirements for Highly Potent Aseptic Products. New Annex 1 Impact
  • The Value of Containment Technology: A Comprehensive Business Case for Driving Implementation
  • ADCs, High Potent Aseptic Filling

Preventing Cross Contamination in Shared Equipment/Facilities II

  • Case Study: Introduction of Manufacturing Facilities for Highly Potent Lyophilization Sterile Products
  • Using Virtual Reality to prevent cross contamination in shared Equipment/Facilities
  • Automated Cleaning of Parts in HPAPI Production

Preventing Cross Contamination in Shared Equipment/Facilities III

  • Flexible Zero Loss Application in Isolator Technology for Oncology Therapies
  • Challenges of Selecting the Right Concept for a High Potent Aseptic Facility: From Material Dispensing to the Fill/Finished Product

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