Who knows what the Federal “AIM” Act has to do with the future of refrigerants?

  • California is setting the standard for Climate Change oriented regulations
  • Other states are following as part of the U.S. Climate Alliance
  • Get plugged into the regulations, they will affect all of us, everyone will need help working through the transition, better to lead, not follow
  • Regulations are difficult to understand, there are many, some key connections within local, State and Federal agencies may be required to navigate this properly
  • Cali is mandated to lower emissions utilizing many techniques by 2040; it is the law, refrigerants are one of the main targets
  • New Regs require that any systems over 50# charge use refrigerants under 150 GWP (R448A = 1293, CO2 = 1)
  • Retail already has had to comply with this; cold storage is 1-1-22 .

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