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A New Beginning: Launch of the ISPE Mexico Affiliate

Fatima Mancilla
ISPE Mexico Affiliate

The formal announcement and certification of the ISPE Mexico Affiliate took place at the recent 2019 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday, October 29. The creation of the ISPE Mexico Affiliate was promoted by a group of enthusiastic expert industry professionals from various companies considered as benchmarks in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry sectors in Mexico.

It was so gratifying to meet and integrate with some of the representatives of the different chapters/affiliates of ISPE worldwide and in particular, those in located in the Americas.

During the Leadership Reception at the 2019 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo, we met John Bournas and Tracey Ryan, who since the beginning were also excited to get the ISPE Mexico Affiliate up and running. During the Leadership Reception Philippe Fournet, one of the representatives of the ISPE Mexico Affiliate formation team explained “that a group of pharmaceutical industry professionals decided to join efforts and organize and launch an ISPE subsidiary in Mexico. The pharmaceutical industry in Mexico is strong; there are many Big Pharma companies but also a very dynamic national industry, and it has wanted an ISPE Affiliate for many years. On the other hand, our purpose is to establish bridges between the United States industry and Mexico for the good of our industry; it works better than the walls.”

Mexico Affiliate
Mexico Affiliate

We attended the Joint Affiliate Council (JAC) Meeting and the North America South America Affiliate Council (NASAAC) Meeting, where we were introduced and participated with all of the representatives from each of the ISPE Affiliates and Chapters. We were also present at the Plenary Sessions and in different forums such as Women and Pharma®, which allowed us to know their purpose so we can promote them amongst the Members in Mexico.

On Tuesday during the Membership & Awards Breakfast, John Bournas made the official announcement, and Fatima Mancilla, Jaime Castro and Philippe Fournet, who attended on behalf of the affiliate were introduced and received the certificate as ISPE Mexico Affiliate from Frances Zipp, ISPE’s Incoming Board Chair, and Jim Breen, ISPE’s Outgoing Board Chair. This certification opens and strengthens the knowledge networks for pharmaceutical industry professionals in Mexico, since ISPE is one of the most recognized international organizations in the technical field for health industries; they are a global reference for regulatory agencies, companies and professionals in the generation of technical solutions to create quality pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products.

Congratulations to the ISPE Mexico Affiliate and to all that helped us make this dream a reality!