ISPE Webinar Series

Vendor Recommendations for Maintenance &  Why They Fail?

Speaker: Nick Armstrong
Global Director, Asset Management and Reliability, CAI

Nick holds a B.S. degree in Bioprocessing Science and Food Science from the North Carolina State University. He has process development, process engineering, operations management, reliability engineering and maintenance management experience in Biopharmaceutical, Food and Personal Care facilities Nick's focus in Asset Management & Reliability is in Asset Management Program establishment, Reliability engineering development and execution in biopharmaceuticals, early asset management, risk-based maintenance strategy development, and capital investment planning.

Nick Armstrong

  • How do you guarantee that an asset will perform at its designed (qualified) performance level throughout its life cycle? 
  • How do you reduce or eliminate routine shutdowns? How do you eliminate the following losses: equipment failures, setup and adjustments, idling and minor stoppages, defects in the process? 
  • How do you improve yields and production line speed? 
  • Describe how you design equipment for improved reliability? How do you analyze failures and reduced line speeds? 
  • What’s your current thinking influencing replacement / no replacement / run to failure / scheduled inspections? 

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