Introducing our Chairman - Jon Youles

21 March, 2018

Jon%20Youles%20-%20350-250%20-%20border.jpgA little over 10 years ago I attended my first ISPE event, the Annual Conference and Awards Dinner as an exhibitor and was immediately struck by the warmth of the ISPE community both during the conference and the social event that evening. A few months later I turned up at the AGM as a new observing member, not realising that this would result in 10 years volunteering in the operations of the ISPE UK Affiliate and with the organisation of regional and national events and ultimately to accepting the role of Chairman of the UK Affiliate this year.

ISPE in the UK is part of a global not-for-profit organisation promoting best practice and providing education events and informative seminars for the UK Membership. This work is carried out by hard working volunteers on the four Regional Committees and on the UK Board and it is a genuine honour to take on the role of Chairman and to continue helping them in coordinating workshops, training, seminars and conferences that will benefit the UK Members.

It is also a challenging time to be Chair of an industry society and the recent referendum and election results mean we are facing a time of significant change. ISPE is not a lobbying organisation but the UK Affiliate supports other industry and regulatory bodies and we will be actively supporting the work of Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership who are working with government and industry to identify opportunities to promote the UK as a world-class centre for medicines manufacturing.

Recent initiatives such as the Summer Conference, Cleanroom Workshop and the upcoming Blended Learning are aimed at spreading knowledge and best practices in a local and affordable way and I intend to work with the ISPE HQ to increase the scope of what we can offer.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing in the UK is not just an important economic contributor, generating over £20bn in exports, but also a vital part of the nation’s health system. What you do as manufacturers and associated industries in developing and providing safe and effective medicines is an essential service for society. The ISPE UK Affiliate aims to support manufacturing and promote Pharmaceutical knowledge as well as provide interesting social and networking events for members.

The newly established Membership Development Committee has recently conducted a survey of members and I hope we will be able to gain valuable input from this on what you value from ISPE and more importantly on areas we can improve.

ISPE is here for the members and during my time as Chairman I want to be able to learn more about what you need and to increase engagement and participation through events and Communities of Practice, because I firmly believe what this industry does is essential and I want to be part of an organisation that can provide you some of the tools needed to succeed.