Lifesciences 4.0 – Unfolding the future of Manufacturing for Lifesciences

Thomond Park, Limerick – October 18th 2018

The opportunities afforded to us now in the digital age will make the step change in Manufacturing as we know it, but where is it all going.

Join some of the leading Manufacturers, Consultants and Equipment Vendors in this field to get an insight into what is already happening and a sight into strategies and actions over the next number of years.

In the digital, connected age, we are all so dependent on technologies and practices like mobile phones, social media and others in our day-to-day life. Why then are we so slow to embrace this age in much of what we are doing in Life science Manufacturing. Utilise this conference to extend your thinking and see for real what is already possible and in action to great business benefit.

The conference will be based on 2 morning sessions on Future Facilities and Systems/Automation of the future. This will be followed by lunch, prior to departing for various facility and Future technology lab tours; affording you great hands on experience and the opportunity for networking with your peers. To book please go to: