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Title: “Digital Transformation – a strategy, not a Project.”

Presenters: John McKeon, CEO Gallarus & Walker D Reynolds, President and Solutions Architect at 4.0 Solutions and CEO Intellic Integration

Abstract: A technical discussion on the four pillars” of IND/PHARMA 4.0 digital transformation and the integration “Holy Grail”. The presentation will focus on the principal elements of architecture including the UNS (Unified Name Space), MQTT protocol & Historians with legacy systems integration at all levels of the ISA 95 Stack.

Title: “Digital & Technology: where do we need to be in 2030?”

Presenters: Terri O’Donovan (Digital & Technology Site Lead) and Tomas Connolly (Manufacturing Technician)

Abstract: A vision is the first step of any change management model.  Janssen Sciences Ireland UC has developed a Site Digital & Technology team with a global reach and local focus.  This aligned high performing team will deliver the vision by introducing new technologies, scaling out current technologies and building capability for the workforce of the future. 

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