ISPE Discovery Stage

The ISPE Discovery Stage is a vehicle for companies to showcase their products/services in an interactive format to a targeted audience in the Expo Hall. Whether you are launching a new product/service, branding your company, developing sales leads, or looking to increase booth traffic, these 20-minute demonstrations are a valuable marketing tool.

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Demo-Only Format

20-minute demos with captivated audience with limited competition.

Competitive edge

Get the Competitive Edge

Competitive application process ensures only the top caliber applications are chosen to ensure maximum attendance.



The ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo gathers thousands of attendees together to network and make connections.

Stage Details

The ISPE Discovery Stage offers you a theater setting right in the Expo Hall. ISPE provides the stage, with theater seating for up to 30 attendees; A/V equipment; and extensive pre-meeting and on-site promotion, including a video of your demonstration.

Demonstration slots in the ISPE Discovery Stage are scheduled during and in between networking breaks. Your demonstration will have limited competition with official ISPE educational programming, helping to maximize attendance.

RODI: Return on Discovery Stage Investment

Before the event

  • 4 free expo hall passes for day of presentation
  • ISPE promotion on social media
  • Promotion on conference web page

At the event

  • ISPE promotion on conference mobile app and signage
  • Prize drawings for attendees
  • Video recording of presentation

After the event

  • Link to presentation videos available for conference attendees to download
  • Video recording provided to Discovery Stage presenters
  • Use of video in company digital marketing promotion

Selection Criteria

Applications will be reviewed by an independent panel of judges and will be convened to evaluate all applications and determine if they meet the requirements. Applicants will be notified by email if their demonstration application has been approved. Notices will go out no later than 9 August 2019.

The ISPE Discovery Stage is open to companies who are launching a new product or service, building brand recognition, curating leads or looking to increase traffic to your booth. Hundreds of inquiries and applications are being submitted with a limited amount of opportunities results in a highly competitive selection process.

While you may be contacted for more information, most companies are chosen based solely on their application. Please ensure the application is completed in its entirely with the below selection criteria in mind.


Is your product or service new or innovative? Do you have a substantial announcement that assist in building your brand recognition?


Is your product or service cutting-edge? Will your product or service make a big impact to the pharma industry?


Will your product or service disrupt the pharma market?


Does your product or service create cost or time savings that weren't previously possible?


Will your product or service make an impactful contribution to the pharma industry?


Being different is good! Will your product or service make people step back and rethink a current process? Or approach?

Download Submission Guidelines

Download Discovery Stage Application

ISPE offers a multimedia approach to connect your brand with global leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing industries.

For additional information, contact your ISPE Sales Account Manager today.

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Sales Account Manager
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Sales Account Manager