Offshore Overnight Fishing Trip 2022


Offshore Fishing Emblem

ISPE San Diego Chapter Announces Our First

Offshore Overnight Fishing Trip

Friday, April 29 to Saturday, April 30, 2022

Passport Required - We Will Be Fishing in Mexican Waters

Space is Limited, Register Early

What is Included:

  • Food and beverages (including beer) are included, Sponsor fees will help offset food and beverage costs.
  • Bait is included
  • Parking is Free

What is Not Included and What to Bring:

  • Bring your passport
  • Fishing tackle and rod (can be rented for $30 from Seaforth Sportfishing prior to departure. Call ahead to reserve.)
  • Bring your own pillow and blanket
  • California fishing license ($17.54) and Mexican fishing permit ($16) are not included (can be purchased from Seaforth Sportfishing prior to departure).
  • Filleting services
  • Gratuities

About Overnight Fishing Trips
One day tuna trips normally run from the beginning of summer through the end of fall. The trip departs at 9:00 pm and returns the following evening around 9:00 pm.

On the drive to the fishing grounds, which could be up to 100 miles, you are provided with sleeping accommodations. Seaforth's one day boats have bunk style beds (please bring your own pillow and blanket). In the morning a hot breakfast is available in the galley. All of our galleys offer hot and cold food, snacks, and beverages, including beer. We ask that you do not bring alcohol, ice chests, or glass aboard the vessel.

The various species of fish these trips target include Albacore, Bluefin, Yellowfin, and Bigeye Tuna along with Skipjack, Dorado, and Yellowtail. The experienced captains and crews at Seaforth are among the best at finding fish. All of our boats are equipped with the latest in fish finding technology. The fish can be found with this equipment, trolling gear which can be used by the angler at no additional cost, and looking for fish by sight.

Once you have caught a fish, it is tagged and put in a chilled fish hold. This keeps your fish cold and firm throughout the trip. Fish filleting service is available (for a fee) to those who do not want to take home whole fish.