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Calibration Error
Commissioning and Qualification, 23 April, (2 comments)
I'm trying to find out how to calculate the calibration error/deviation. Is it STD - UUT = error or ...

Passivation Frequency for Purified water loop
Critical Utilities, 21 April, (3 comments)
Hi All, Can I request you to give your advise on- " What should be the frequency of passivation ...

Equipment Receipt Inspection
Engineering Standards Benchmarking, 18 April, (1 comment)
Does anyone have a generic Equipment Receipt Inspection form or checklist. I am specifically looking ...

Heartbleed Bug and Pharma IT Systems
GAMP, 18 April, (2 comments)
All, I wrote a piece for my company's newsletter about how the Heartbleed Bug can affect computer sy ...

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