Education Leader and Presenter Contacts

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Continuing Education Staff Members

Julianne Rill
Associate Director
Phone: +1-813-960-2105 ext. 214

  • Ensures the Continuing Education Department's efforts continue to lead the Society's development and delivery of high quality learning opportunities and engaging, topic-focused problem-solving events for Members and industry.

Marianne Bock
Continuing Education Program Manager
Phone: +1-813-960-2105 ext. 207

  • Facilitates the development of Continuing Education conferences in North America, and Europe. By working directly with Track Directors and Session Leaders within the Conference Program Committees during the initial phases of the session development.
  • Reviews speaker candidate proposals and works simultaneously with the Program Committee on initial session development.
  • Offers clarity on the speaker selection and recruitment process.

Alicia Hutcherson
Continuing Education Coordinator
Phone: +1-813-960-2105 ext. 223

  • Gathers speaker materials, document submissions, and presentation formatting.
  • Please send any errors found with your session on the website, or if there are any concerns or questions about uploading presentations to the e-communities website.
Last Update: 12 July 2013


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