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New Content Management System Boosts ISPE Web Site

ISPE is pleased to announce the implementation of a new new Web Content Management System (CMS) designed to make its Web site more robust.  This new CMS provides increased functionality and power to many of the features on the ISPE Web site, including the following:

Increased Search Functionality – The new search engine will find content from within the main ISPE site, Affiliate/Chapter Web sites, and COP sites. If a search term is contained within the ISPE Glossary, the glossary definition will be highlighted at the top of the search results. The list of search results can be filtered by various formats. A substantial amount of content has already been tagged with more content to be tagged over time. The relevance of the search engine results will continue to improve as ISPE establishes further content standards and conducts user research.

Informative Member Landing Page: As a Member, when you log into Member Services, you will now receive content that corresponds to your Member type, status, Affiliate/Chapter, COP, and selected Area(s) of Interest in these modules:

  • Access My Profile –  Access this module to update your contact information, renew your Membership, and view your ISPE education, purchase, and activity history.
  • Set My Preferences – This module allows you to choose/change your  Area(s) of Interest and choose/change your email preferences. Additionally, you can customize your Member Landing page.
  • Get the Most of Out Your Membership – This module provides a series of links that correspond to your individual Member type.
  • My Member Resources – To get started, the ISPE Glossary and several PE articles with broad appeal have been tagged to all Areas of Interest. If have not indicated any Areas of Interest in your profile, the text will read, “You have not selected any Areas of Interest. Please take a moment to update your preferences so that we can provide suggestions tailored to your interests,” with a link to this function.
  • My Local Affiliate or Chapter – This module provides a link to your individual Affiliate or Chapter Web site.
  • News from My Affiliate or Chapter – This module provides any news from your individual Affiliate or Chapter.
  • My Communities of Practice – This module lists up to three COPs to which you may belong, with a “More” link that will expand the list. If you are not currently part of a COP, the text will read, “You have not joined any Communities of Practice. Don’t pass up this opportunity to connect with like minded industry professionals. You can join one or more Communities of Practice by clicking here.”
  • Upcoming Events – This module lists the next international event in your region, the next two events in your Affiliate or Chapter, and the next two live webinars, all with links to full listings.
  • My Events – This module lists upcoming international events for which you are registered. Handouts for the events, when they are posted, also will be linked from here.
  • My Purchased Downloads – This module lists any downloads that you have purchased (e.g., webinars, Knowledge Briefs), with links to each. Each item will display a countdown of days remaining to access to the item (where applicable).
  • My Saved Pages – You have the ability to save web pages that interest you by clicking the globe icon on any page. You can then quickly access those pages from this page. The list will indicate when the page was last updated. In the future, Members also will be able to subscribe to those pages by RSS.

Improved Navigation – You may recall that previously, each section in the left navigation bar had an “Overview” button which linked to the section’s overview page. User feedback indicated that that these buttons were unnecessary. Now, clicking on any main section navigation button will take the user to the section’s overview page, as well as expand down the navigation choices for that section. Clicking on the plus sign or minus sign on a button will expand/collapse the menu choices without going to another page.

Customizable ISPE Event Calendar – The ISPE Global calendar goes back one year, and as far forward as there are events listed with ISPE. There are two views: calendar and list. Either view can be filtered by event type and region. The list view also can be sorted by clicking on the column titles.

Convenient “Save Page” Functionality – As an Active Member, you have the ability to save Web page that interest you by clicking the globe icon on any page. You then can quickly access those pages from the Member Landing page. The list will indicate when the page was last updated. This feature is not available to nonmembers or Suspended Members.

We will continue testing over the next several weeks to ensure that all of the Web site operations are running smoothly, so please alert us to any problems you encounter. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy the new power behind!

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