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Community of Practice News

More Volunteers Get Involved with ISPE Communities of Practice

ISPE Communities of Practice (COPs) are groups of people that share a concern, a set of problems, or a passion about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise by interacting in an on-going basis. ISPE’s global COPs are connecting like-minded professionals through interactive online communities, enabling COP members to:

  • Engage in electronic discussions on 19 different fields of expertise
  • Search for other COP members
  • Collaborate on documents, important resources, and content relevant to the discipline of the community
  • Obtain current news and learn about upcoming community activities

COPs exist because of dedicated ISPE Members who volunteer their time to serve on the global COP Council or COP Steering Committee (SC).  New COP Steering Committee leaders and members appointed by various COPs during the 2009 Annual Meeting are:

  • Rick McCabe, Pfizer; API COP SC Co-Chair
  • Paige Kane, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals; Biotechnology COP SC Co-Chair
  • Norman Goldschmidt, Genesis Engineers; HVAC COP SC Chair
  • Masahiro Oda, Pall Co.; Containment COP SC Co-Chair
  • Kevin Martin, CimQuest-Vantage LLC; GAMP COP SC Co-Chair
  • Kunal Jaiswal, Schering-Plough Corporation; IP SC COP Chair
  • Christine Milligan, Fisher Clinical Services Inc.; IP COP SC Co-Chair
  • James Curry, OpStat Group Inc.; Operations Management COP SC Member
  • Jack Chu, Merck & Co. Inc.; OSD COP SC Co-Chair
  • Kevin Klopfer, Celgene Corp; PAT COP SC Chair
  • Eric Unrau, CRB Consulting Engineers, Inc.; PAT COP SC Co-Chair
  • Mel Bahr, MGS Machine Corporation; Packaging COP SC Co-Chair
  • Gordon Leichter, Belimed; SPP COP SC Chair
  • Tony Allcock, CP Pharmaceuticals Ltd; SPP COP SC Co-Chair
  • Dr. Mathew Cherian, Baxter Healthcare Corp.; SPP COP SC Member
  • Patrick Poisson, United Therapeutics; SPP COP SC Member
  • Phillippe Fontcuberta, Getinge Linac Technologies SAS; SPP COP SC Member

To learn more about Communities of Practice, go to and click the button to the right labeled “Login to COPs.”

Engineering Standards Benchmarking Survey Results Available at the ESB COP

The goal of the Engineering Standards Benchmarking Community of Practice (ESB COP) is to improve the processes for creation/approval/maintenance and use of corporate engineering standards and specifications in the pharmaceutical industry. The ESB COP recently completed and published a survey on pharmaceutical engineering standards that benefits the membership by providing a better panorama of how companies are managing and using their standards.

For specific details about the ESB COP Survey Results, access the ESB COP online community at To learn more about the Communities of Practice, go to and click the button to the right labeled “Login to COPs.”

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