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Roche MAB95 Facility Named 2009 Facility of the Year Award Overall Winner

Roche Pharma Biotech Production Basel’s Monoclonal Anti Bodies (MAB) 95 Facility was named the Overall Winner of the 2009 Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) program announced during the Keynote Session at ISPE Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, USA. Roche’s project was selected by a judging panel of eight prominent pharmaceutical industry professionals.

Located in Basel, Switzerland, Roche’s unique vertical MAB Facility was named the 2009 Facility of the Year Award Overall Winner in part because of the innovative way in which it was planned, designed, and constructed on the site of a former chemical production plant in a busy residential area. Through teamwork, innovative design, and precise construction management, the state-of-the-art project was successfully realized in only 35 months, six weeks ahead of an already aggressive schedule and nine percent under budget.

Roche Senior Project Manager Daniel Riekert (left) and Roche Head of Global Engineering Dr. Horst Hohler (right) celebrate with their 2009 Overall Winner award.

Standing 40 meters tall with eight floors above ground and two floors underground, the small building footprint and absence of adjacent construction lay-down areas tested the ingenuity of the project team at every turn. To reduce congestion in and around the already tight project site, cutting-edge communication technology was applied whenever possible in the day-to-day running of the project. As the facility had to be arranged vertically, and as all systems were fully integrated, the normal option of sequential completion proved to be too slow when modeled in the schedule, forcing the project team to develop tactics to complete the whole facility as a single entity (i.e., work on everything in parallel). The 2009 FOYA Judging Panel felt that Roche’s project team competently faced these and many other project challenges to produce a truly cutting-edge manufacturing facility.

The exterior of Roche’s innovative MAB95 Facility in Basel, Switzerland.

Sponsored by ISPE, INTERPHEX, and Pharmaceutical Processing magazine, the Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) program recognizes state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing projects that utilize new and innovative technologies to enhance the delivery of a quality project, as well as reduce the cost of producing high-quality medicines. Now in its sixth year, the awards program effectively spotlights the accomplishments, shared commitment, and dedication of individuals in companies worldwide to innovate and advance pharmaceutical manufacturing technology for the benefit of all global consumers.

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