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June 2009

17 Jun 2009 ICH Press Release on Yokohama Meeting: Facilitating More Rapid Discovery and Development of Innovative Medicines
15 Jun 2009 Hamburg and Sharfstein Article in New England Journal of Medicine: The FDA As A Public Health Agency
15 Jun 2009 Press Release WHO declares influenza pandemic – European Medicines Agency initiates crisis-management plan
15 Jun 2009 Weidlich to Head EMEA Internal Audit Sector
12 Jun 2009 Slovakia State Institute For Drug Control Issues Annual report 2008
03 Jun 2009 US FDA Establishes Transparency Task Force
02 Jun 2009 ICH Topic Q8, Q9 and Q10 Note for guidance on Pharmaceutical Development Quality Risk Management Pharmaceutical Quality System Questions and Answers


May 2009

27 May 2009 Australia Publishes Office of Manufacturing Quality presentation: The TGA and Process Analytical Technology
27 May 2009 US HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius swears in Dr. Margaret Hamburg as the Commissioner of Food and Drugs, May 22, 2009
22 May 2009 Hamburg Sworn In as New Commissioner of Food and Drugs
19 May 2009 Finland's government proposes establishing new national Medicines Agency
19 May 2009 Finland's government proposes establishing a new national Medicines Agency
18 May 2009 PIC/S Publishes 2008 Annual Report
18 May 2009 The 28th PIC/S Committee meeting took place in Geneva on 5-6 May 2009.
15 May 2009 Australia's TGA Publishes Prescription Medicines Business Process Improvement Project
15 May 2009 Japan's PMDA Releases International Strategic Plan
15 May 2009 India's Central Drugs Standard Control Organization Proposes Pharma Zone for Airports and Seaports
15 May 2009 Free PharmAsia News Article - China Issues Healthcare Reform Plan
08 May 2009 Health Canada Publishes Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Guidelines - 2009 Edition (GUI-0001)
08 May 2009 Statement of Senator Edward M Kennedy on the Nomination Of Dr. Margaret Hamburg to Be FDA Commissioner


Last Update: 18 May 2012


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