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May 2009

01 May 2009 India's Central Drugs Standard Control Organization Proposes Pharma Zone for Airports, Seaports
01 May 2009 New FDA Web Site Coming Soon!


April 2009

29 Apr 2009 Sebelius sworn in as U.S. health secretary
29 Apr 2009 New homoeopathic manufacturing methods for consultation
27 Apr 2009 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jasmina Mircheva is the new Executive Director of the Bulgarian Drug Agency
24 Apr 2009 MHRA Business Plan 2009/10 and Corporate Plan 2009/14
14 Apr 2009 China's SFDA further standardizes the quality control requirements for biologicals
09 Apr 2009 Press Release - European Medicines Agency, European Commission and Health Canada agree implementation plan for confidentiality arrangement
03 Apr 2009 EMEA Publishes News Bulletin For Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Issue 7
02 Apr 2009 US House Passes Landmark Bill to Regulate Tobacco Products
01 Apr 2009 Italy Heightens Rules for CROs


March 2009

31 Mar 2009 Obama appointee Sharfstein to be acting FDA chief
30 Mar 2009 ICH Publishes Regional Harmonization Initiative Profiles
27 Mar 2009 Press Prelease European Medicines Agency makes recommendations on the use of antimicrobials in livestock and companion animals in relation ...
18 Mar 2009 2008 public status report on the implementation of the European Risk Management Strategy
17 Mar 2009 Concept Paper on the Implementation of ICH Q10
12 Mar 2009 Hamburg, Sharfstein Picks for FDA Add Focus on Public Health
11 Mar 2009 U.S. Lawmakers Propose Generic Biotech Drug Plan
10 Mar 2009 Drug Imports Must Meet Standards, White House Says
09 Mar 2009 MHRA Press release: More efficiency in handling non-prescription medicines thanks to creation of new assessment



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