Global Event Calendar

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Region Type
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 ISPE UK Affiliate - Pharmaceutical Water Systems Training 2014 Statistics in PV Forum 2 ISPE UK Affiliate - Pharmaceutical Water Systems Training Brazil Affiliate Training GAMP 5 3 ISPE UK Affiliate - GAMP UK Forum 4 5 Carolina-South Atlantic Chapter TriSci Tech Expo
6 7 8 Brazil Affiliate Cold Chain Day Carolina-South Atlantic Chapter Technology Conference 9 10 ISPE France Commentaires Sur GMP Européennes Annexe 15 Draft 11 12
13 14 2014 San Francisco Training Brazil Affiliate Maintenance of Validated State Pacific Northwest Chapter Board Meeting 15 2014 San Francisco Training 16 2014 San Francisco Training 17 2014 San Francisco Training Boston Area Facility Optimization & Process Improvement Carolina-South Atlantic Tampa Therapeutic Thursday Rocky Mountain Chapter Spring Educational Event 18 19
20 21 China Spring Conference 22 China Spring Conference New Jersey Strategic Challenges Facing the Pharma Industry San Diego Chapter YP Happy Hour With ASHRAE 23 Greater LA Chapter Process Gases Program 24 Carolina-South Atlantic Chapter Educational Event 25 ISPE Singapore Affiliate Annual Quiz Night 2014 Delaware Valley Chapter Volunteer Day San Diego Chapter 9th Annual Spring Golf Tournament 26
27 28 2014 ISPE EU Annual Conference Boston Area Chapter Golf Tournament 29 2014 ISPE EU Annual Conference ISPE UK Affiliate Northwest Region Camfil Limited Site Visit 30 2014 ISPE EU Annual Conference Delaware Valley Chapter Softball Game Midwest Chapter Technical Education Day


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