Mark Proctor

Mark Proctor is currently responsible for the Manufacturing Science and Technology group at AstraZeneca in Liverpool, UK. The group has a broad remit covering technical strategy, manufacturing and QC analytical technical services, technology transfer, process development, change management, validation, technical training, regulatory and market authorization applications, and site microbiology. From 2014, the group will be responsible for seasonal and pandemic vaccine strain research and development for the Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine. Prior to joining MedImmune Mark was a Senior Consultant at Biopharm Services where he was responsible for technical projects including business and manufacturing strategy, detailed capacity and economic modelling, technology transfer and appraisal, bioprocess design and qualification. In addition to his role at MedImmune, Mark is part of the steering committee for the Biomanufacturing Innovation Group in the UK, and an industrial lecturer at University College London and Oxford University.