John Holland

Prior to joining AMC Health in 2010, John Holland founded LifeLink Monitoring, a leading national telemonitoring company, in 1994. He developed the first home blood pressure telemonitoring service in the U.S., followed by a suite of telemonitoring services for clinical trials, home care, managed care and disease management. He has spoken on telemonitoring at Partnerships in Clinical Trials, the American Heart Association, the American and International Societies of Hypertension, the Society of Behavioral Medicine, and the American Association of Health Plans, and has written several scientific articles. Mr. Holland is a member of the Working Group on Compliance of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and co-inventor, with Dr. Thomas Pickering, of a mercury-free hybrid sphygmomanometer. Recently, he was co-lead in the development of a crowd-sourced protocol for an FDA Phase 2 trial that will collect 90% of the data in patients’ homes. The FDA opened the IND with no objections.