John Wentz

  PhotoJohn Wentz is the Director of Water/Wastewater Services for Process Plus, a full-service engineering and design firm focused on the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food & Beverage Industries. John has over 30 years of experience providing consultation and cost-effective solutions to clients pertaining to water usage and sustainability, wastewater management, permitting, treatment, and discharge. John has been recognized as an industrial wastewater treatment expert through his development and implementation of wastewater treatment training programs. In the pharmaceutical industry, John has provided leadership in sustainability efforts for wastewater risk identification and mitigation. John was able to consolidate five discharge locations from a single facility into a single wastewater treatment system, repurpose some of the existing equipment, provide dual purpose functionality of equipment components due extremely limited space availability, provide process controls to reduce potential for discharge violations, balance discharge flows to accommodate flow restrictions, and reduce overall wastewater management/treatment costs. John graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and is a Professional Engineer in four states.