Marie Getsug

  PhotoMarie Getsug is a Program Manager in the Asset Management Group (AMG) with Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. Marie is an experienced Asset Management subject matter expert with 30 years of experience in multiple industries including serving as the Maintenance & Reliability Manager for four Fortune 100 Companies before her tenure in consulting.

Formally trained and certified in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2), Project Management (PMP), vibration analysis, ultrasound, lubrication, thermography and Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Marie is a passionate teacher of reliability concepts, DfR and RCM.

As an industry thought leader for Design for Reliability (DfR), Marie has supported several organizations with developing their DfR Programs and toolkits to provide value by significantly reducing the overall Life Cycle Cost (LCC). Marie is a passionate teacher of reliability concepts and a successful change agent who repeatedly creates a culture of inspiration, ownership, and high performance. Marie’s ability to build on existing programs and strategies to influence the culture of a facility with socio-technical design principles, interest-based problem solving, as well as her solid technical skills, is what differentiates her approach and results.