Sandra Schroeder

  PhotoSince 2010, Sandra Schröder, has been leading Quality Network Operations for Small Molecules in Hoffmann-La Roche Global Quality. She has held various functions in pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality and complaint management over the past 15 years. In Roche, she began her career in the manufacturing facility in Grenzach, Germany, first in Quality Assurance and then Quality Control. Here, she headed the central organization for testing and release of commercial and investigational medicinal products, and was the EU Qualified Person for a number of Small and Large Molecule products. Later, she led an international project team to develop and deploy a new Pharmaceutical Quality System for the Global Roche Pharma Technical Operations organization. In her current role, she leads a cross-functional Expert Team for multi-product facility management. The Expert Team has developed tools which can be deployed to ensure the safe operation of the company’s sites as multiproduct facilities. Sandra holds a diploma in Pharmacy