Michael Arnold

  PhotoMr. Arnold is a licensed pharmacist and Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships for Pfizer's Global Clinical Supply Chain. He has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for the past 31 years. His responsibilities have included directing supply chain management, clinical supply forecasting, warehousing, packaging, labeling and distribution, comparative agent manufacturing, writing INDs, establishing an Import/Export process and designing, validating and implementing new clinical supply computer systems. Michael established Pfizer's initial outsourcing program for packaging, labeling, warehousing, distribution of clinical supplies and manufacture of placebo and comparator agents. Michael is a past member of the IBM Cloud Coalition promoting innovative ways for clinical trial data sharing and continues to be actively involved in a number of other professional organizations and work groups. He co-led an industry wide team to publish a white paper on the use of Interactive Response Technology for Removal of Use-By-Dates on Clinical Trial Labels, led the “Professional Development” section of the International Leadership Forum’s Global Position Strategy (GPS) Document and led an industry wide team that published a Good Practice Guide on the use and implementation of Interactive Response Technology. Michael is currently a member of the ISPE-Investigational Products COP, Regulatory and Compliance Committee, a past Chair of the Investigational Products Steering Committee, past Vice-Chair of the Investigational Products COP Council, past Chair of the ISPE COP Council, current Chair of the ISPE Strategic Forum, an active member of the International Leadership Forum (ILF) and a member of the ISPE International Board of Directors. In 2011 he received the Maxine Yonker Award as ISPE’s Volunteer of the Year.