Steven Duckro

  PhotoSteve Duckro is an Engineering Manager for Aptalis Pharmatech, Inc, a specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on R&D and Manufacturing. He is currently responsible for control systems, calibrations and capital project management. Steve also worked directly with Process Plus to develop a master plan for the Aptalis, Vandalia facility. Steve graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. He spent nearly a decade with Union Carbide South Charleston in Manufacturing with the Specialty Chemicals Division. Steve then moved on to biotech as a control systems engineer with Haarmann and Reimer (Bayer) at the Dayton Citric Acid Plant. One of his assignments required the development of a master plan for the site. A skeptic at first, he realized the fruits of the master plan team effort when the plant later doubled in size over a period of nine months to become a world class facility.