Marta Vidal

  PhotoProf Dr Marta Cicconi Vidal, Current President of the ISPE Argentine Affiliate. Pharmaceutical Sciences Consultant in Angostura Salud Director. Former Director of Boehringer Ingelheim - R&D Development Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina and one of the Regional Manager Directors of the Argentine Executive Committee, which concentrates eight countries in South America. In the R&D Development position, she was responsible for conducting and leading research projects of new medicinal products (new chemical entities) for local and international registration. Her experience in the pharmaceutical industry involves training in Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (USA) and in Germany. She actively participated in interdisciplinary multicultural research teams of several countries. Former Ad Honoren, Senior Professor in the area of Clinical Pharmacy, in the postgraduate course in Hospital Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires, at present she is Ad Honoren Senior Professor at Pharmaceutical Technology Department of Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry – University of Buenos Aires, in the degree course and lectures on formulation, secondary drugs, enhancers, pharmaceutical formulation. She has been a speaker at numerous conferences and has published articles in industry journals. Prof. Dr. Vidal has a degree and a PhD in Pharmacy and graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. Her doctoral thesis dealt with In Vitro Drugs Absorption. In-Vitro Drug Absorption Comparative Studies and applications. She received intensive management training in finance, time management, human resources, team building, planning areas in the Management Center of Europe, Brussels, Belgium and London, UK, among many others.