ISPE Ambassador Program

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Get the Recognition You Deserve!

ISPE is focusing on new Members and encouraging current Members to be more active within the Society. ISPE's Ambassador Program is designed to promote involvement and excitement about the Society with current Members through leadership skills and enthusiasm. ISPE's Affiliates and Chapters will identify the top five companies in their geographical area, based on current Membership, to participate in the Ambassador Program.

As an ISPE Ambassador, you...

  • Act as a representative from your company at ISPE events
  • Network with like-minded professionals within your own company
  • Create opportunities for public speaking and professional writing
  • Take part in an industry-renowned program
  • Raise your profile within the industry and your company
  • Receive a certificate of recognition to display in your office
  • Will be recognized at ISPE events with a special Ambassador ribbon

Getting Involved is Easy!

To become an Ambassador, simply download a volunteer profile simply download a volunteer profile ( 343 KB). Send your completed application to your regional office:

ISPE Headquarters: Tracey Ryan,
ISPE European Office:Elmarie Herloff-Petersen,
ISPE Asia Pacific Office: Rhonda Ng,

It's All About Recognition!

The regional office will confirm your contact information for the Ambassador Program. Once your information has been verified, ISPE will add you to the official Ambassador roster posted below. A letter and a certificate of recognition will be promptly sent to you. ISPE will provide you with an Ambassador ribbon to wear at all local events and meetings. Updates, news, and announcements will be sent to you on a regular basis so you can fulfill your duties as an Ambassador throughout your company.

Feedback, challenges and success stories should be sent to the MDC, c/o Rosemary Jones at

ISPE Ambassador Program Roster

  • Ryan J. Adams, Shire HGT (Boston Area Chapter)
  • Remil M. Aguda, Grifols (CASA Chapter)
  • Hossein Bakh, Sr., Novonordisk (Nordic Affiliate)
  • Michael Baumstein, Pfizer (Great Lakes Chapter)
  • Jane Brown, GSK (CASA Chapter)
  • Winston R. Brown, Alcon Laboratories (South Central)
  • Jennifer L. Clark, CPIP, Commissioning Agents, Inc (CASA Chapter)
  • Blake F. Derrick, Kelly Scientific Resources (CASA Chapter)
  • Jennifer M. Duffy, RoviSys (Boston Area Chapter)
  • Simon Forder, Hyde Engineering + Consulting Inc (San Francisco/Bay Area Chapter)
  • Bhuvan Galhotra, AGM-ENGG, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals LTD (India Affiliate)
  • Buket Hekiman, Pharmavision (Turkey Affiliate)
  • Yariv Levinson, Johnson and Johnson, Israel
  • Alan S. Levy, Javan Engineering, Inc. (Delaware Valley Chapter)
  • Amy L. Lineberry, CPIP, SpecLine Consulting (CASA Chapter)
  • LeAnna M. Pearson, Catalent Pharma (CASA Chapter)
  • Eugenio A. Longo, BioCed (Puerto Rico Chapter)
  • Dave Koncak, Pfizer, Inc. (Midwest Chapter)
  • Louise McGinnis-Barber, HDR (San Francisco/Bay Area Chapter)
  • Matthew R. McMenamin, GlaxoSmithKline (Delaware Valley Chapter)
  • Kanheya Mehrotra, GlaxoSmithKline (India Affiliate)
  • Aarash Navabi, Genzyme (Boston Area Chapter)
  • Vanessa L. Norsworthy, Optimum Validation, Inc. (New Jersey Chapter)
  • Pietro Perrone, Millipore, (Boston Area Chapter)
  • Dr. Anil K. Rattan, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (New Jersey Chapter)
  • Markus Roemer, comes compliance services (Germany/Austria/Switzerland Affiliate)
  • Neil A. Ryan, Coulomb Consultants (Delaware Valley Chapter)
  • Diarmuid Sexton, ADROIT People (Australasia Affiliate-Sydney)
  • Matt Seyed-Safi, Pharma Bio Solutions Ltd (China Affiliate)
  • Dr. Sydney K. Seymour, Talecris Biotherapeutics (CASA Chapter)
  • Roger C. Shillitoe, WSPCEL Ltd. (UK Affiliate – Central)
  • Muhammad Rehan Siddiqui, Wisteria (SMC-Private) Limited (Singapore Affiliate)
  • Emily D. Stump, CAI (Pacific Northwest Chapter)
  • Arfan Uddin, Biopharma Ltd (India Affiliate)
  • Ashlee Ujifusa, Process HQ, Inc. (San Diego Chapter)
  • Dr. Marta N. Vidal, Boehringer Ingelheim Laboratories (Argentina Affiliate)

ISPE Ambassador Program Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the attributes of an Ambassador? 
Answer: ISPE is looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic person who wants to make a difference in the pharmaceutical science and manufacturing industry. An Ambassador is not necessarily a senior level person, but has the leadership and communication skills to influence his/her colleagues. Ambassadors must take the initiative to publicize ISPE to the relevant people/disciplines in his/her organization.

Question: As an Ambassador, will I have to attend training or special meetings?
Answer: No, our Ambassador Program does not require someone to attend additional training or special meetings. As an Ambassador, you will be asked to wear a ribbon at all of your regularly scheduled local ISPE Affiliate/Chapter events.

Question: Are there costs associated with being an Ambassador? 
Answer: The cost associated with the recognition elements of the Ambassador Program is budgeted and paid for by ISPE Headquarters. Nominal costs such as telephone charges, faxes, etc., may be incurred and will be the sole responsibility of the Ambassador.

Question: Is this a local or international initiative?
Answer: The Ambassador Program is an international program with a primary focus on your local Affiliate and Chapter events. Being an active member locally allows for networking events, brainstorming and a real sense of community. As an Ambassador, you are recognized both internally at your company, and at local events.

Question: Is this a leadership role?
Answer: Yes, as an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to reach out to members of your organization and create opportunities to network, disseminate critical industry information, and add your personal touch to various industry recognized communications.
Question: My company has a similar program. Will this conflict with my company's initiatives? 
Answer: No, we recognize that many organizations have a designated person or an ISPE Member who serves in a similar role. This program will officially acknowledge this Member for his/her efforts while distributing different yet critical information from ISPE.

Question: Is this program limited to a certain type of pharmaceutical company? 
Answer: No, all companies in the pharmaceutical, science and manufacturing industry are invited to participate.

Last Update: 07 February 2013


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